3.4 Install from CD-ROM - Make a Persistent Storage Boot System

NOTE Your computer needs at least 32 MB of RAM to run the ttylinux-installer script.

The section describes installing ttylinux from the CD-ROM image to a drive partition, probably on a spinning hard disk, and configuring it to boot ttylinux with the root file system residing on the boot drive, not in RAM.

A Linux system, either ttylinux or some other Linux system, can be used to install ttylinux.

WARNING: Running the installer can easily destroy all operating systems, and anything else, currently present on the target machine. Proceed with caution and backup all important data before installing ttylinux. Really.

To install ttylinux onto disk from the bootable CD-ROM, you first need to burn the ttylinux CD-ROM ISO image onto a blank CD-ROM disc and, if using ttylinux to perform the installation, boot into it as described in the previous section 2.3.

Once logged into ttylinux as root, you can start the installation. You need to know three things to run the installer: 1) what your CD-ROM device is, 2) which drive partition you want to install ttylinux, and 3) where you want to put the boot loader.

If you don't know the answers to those three questions after reading the following instructions, the safe bet would be not to proceed with installation; the ttylinux installer is not yet automated or user-friendly enough for you.