2.3 Booting a CD-ROM Image

The PC variants of ttylinux are intended to boot on an appropriate 32-bit x86 or 64-bit x86_64 PC that can boot from a CD-ROM drive.

Download the CD-ROM ISO image file and burn it onto a blank CD-ROM disc as an ISO image. Then put the disc into the CD-ROM drive of an appropriate PC and boot the PC; ttylinux should start up automatically.

A computer's BIOS setup may not be set up to allow booting from CD-ROM; in that case you need to go into the BIOS setup screen(s) and make changes that allow the computer to boot from CD-ROM. If the computer has an old BIOS that is not able to boot from a CD-ROM device, there is software called Smart Boot Manager that may help. It can currently be found at: http://btmgr.sourceforge.net/about.html

Once ttylinux has booted, and you see the login prompt, login as user name "root", the administrator account, with password "password". There also is a non-administrator account "user", with password "password".

The CD-ROM can be used as a rescue system or simply for trying ttylinux. For installing or transferring ttylinux from the CD-ROM, or from the downloaded CD-ROM image file, to another disk device see section 3. See section 4 of this user guide for pointers about what you can do with a ttylinux system.