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The BeagleBone is a low-cost, high-expansion BeagleBoard: link

A wiki page covering the ARM architecture is here.

The current ttylinux release is 16.1 for the ARMv7 architecture BeagleBone platform. The SDCard tarball is available here. The updated ChangeLog file is available:

This is a large system running fro an SDCard; it has Lua scripting and a GCC-based C development capability.

Source Code Component Links
This is a list of all the BeagleBone ttylinux source code components and links to their source distributions.
» bash-4.2
» binutils-2.23
» busybox-1.21.0
» calc-
» dropbear-2013.58
» dtach-0.8
» dvtm-0.9
» e2fsprogs-1.42.7
» gcc-4.6.3
» glibc-2.16.0
» glibc-ports-2.16.0
» gmp-5.0.5
» haserl-0.9.29
» iptables-1.4.18
» kmod-13
» linux-3.8.4
» lua-5.2.2
» lynx2.8.7
» make-3.82
» mpc-1.0.1
» mpfr-3.1.1
» nano-2.2.6
» ncurses-5.9
» readline-6.2
» thttpd-2.25b
» u-boot-2012.10
» udev-182
» util-linux-2.23

Binary Distribution and Source ISO
NOTE The source ISO has only the source packages available at the above links; it has no build or configuration scripts and is not used by ttylinux

Filename MB md5sum
ttylinux-beagle_bone-16.1.tar.bz2 114 0a032c6872fc4819e1309a8897ef88ee
ttylinux-beagle_bone-16.1-src.iso.gz 234 d490e1f658f5c234aa15888f1bce0e33


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